Cost allocation

Cost allocation

Studies show that industrial energy efficiency is improved most when people have a stake in success. WattsAudit solution encourages energy efficient behavior and supports cost accounting by accurately allocating energy overhead to different user groups or processes. You’ll discover where and when energy is consumed and you’ll be better able to motivate employees to meet corporate energy cost reduction goals

WattsAudit provides tools to:
  • Automatically collect, calculate and report costs for buildings, departments, processes, shifts, lines, or equipment
  • Remove electricity budgeting guesswork, minimise administrative costs and reduce data entry errors
  • Determine the true impact of energy prices on all your production lines

Procurement optimisation

WattsAudit will help you make more informed energy procurement decisions. With a complete understanding of your energy profile, you’ll be able to compare which purchasing options provide the most benefit. It can help you reduce long-term financial risks associated with price volatility, lower your costs through bulk energy purchasing and manage multiple energy supply agreements.

WattsAudit also enables you to:
  • Consolidate cost information into easy to understand reports
  • Participate in a spot energy market programs
  • Track real-time Internet pricing feeds
  • Automatically start generators or shed loads when cost thresholds are reached
  • Integrate costs for fuel, environmental levies, maintenance and interconnection

Power factor correction

Your energy provider may penalise you for poor power factor, (a ratio of real to reactive power). WattsAudit helps you automatically manage power factor by alerting you to adverse trends so you, or your WattsAudit system, can take corrective action.

Use your WattsAudit system to monitor power factor and control:
  • Capacitor banks
  • Load tap changers
  • Filter banks

Measurement and verification

Industry-standard measurement and verification (M&V) techniques assure your energy efficiency investments realise maximum payback for the long term. You can benchmark processes for comparison against internal metrics or industry statistics in order to identify the optimal places to target improvement projects. Key performance indicators (KPIs) help you measure progress and identify necessary adjustments to ensure sustainability.

The M and V capabilities of a WattsAudit system can also ensure:
  • You can benchmark against departments, processes and industry KPIs
  • Your results can be forecasted and compared with different benefit scenarios
  • Energy efficiency initiatives minimise negative affects to people or productivity.
  • Results are documented so you can verify efficiency program financial benefits
  • Performance-based energy service contract resultsare verified to a baseline

Infrastructure optimisation

Extend equipment life

Well maintained equipment uses less energy, is more reliable and contributes to improved productivity. A WattsAudit system supports preventive and proactive maintenance for a wide variety of your energy assets.

  • Determine the optimum timing and frequency of maintenance instead of using an arbitrary schedule
  • Automatically track the number of relay or breaker trips, UPS operations or charge remaining in batteries.
  • Alarm on transformer temperatures, motor performance parameters and other wear indicators.
  • Reduce effort and labour costs with proactive maintenance
Increase reliability

Downtime costs money. Power sags/swells, transients and harmonics damage equipment and interrupt production. WattsAudit will help you:

  • Identify the root cause of power quality issues
  • Rapidly communicate critical conditions before they escalate
  • Help coordinate backup power systems
  • Decide if hamonic filters are needed and size them appropriately
Distribution system optimisation

Minimise capital expenses associated with overstressing or under utilising your power distribution system. A WattsAudit system enables you to design a power system that meets but doesn’t exceed the requirements of new facilities, expansions or retrofits.

  • Design power systems according to actual usage patterns and accurate forecasts, not guesswork
  • Automatically generate load profiles to reveal historical and present load patterns and hidden capacity
  • Determine if your existing infrastructure will accommodate new processes

Demand response and load curtailment

Demand response programs enable you to negotiate lower rates by agreeing to reduce loads in response utility curtailment requests. WattsAudit system provides the timely load profile, forecasting, and cost analysis information you need to participate. It will first help you decide when participation is economically advantageous and where and how much load you may be able to reduce for each curtailment request.

WattsAudit technology makes possible:
  • Real-time verification of curtailment
  • Coordination of backup systems
  • Remote, automated and aggregated load management
  • Contract verification to ensure compliance by all parties

Peak demand reduction

Reducing peak demand is one of the easiest ways to quickly lower your electricity bill. WattsAudit helps you “smooth out” your demand profile and avoid peak demand surcharges through:

  • Automatic forecasting of energy consumption and demand
  • Alerts that warn you when demand thresholds risk being exceeded
  • Isolating specific power-intensive activities that you may choose to reschedule to off-peak hours
  • Automatic load shedding or on- site generation start-up
  • Sequencing of motor and HVAC to start-up to reduce instantaneous demand