About WattsAudit

WattsAudit is an energy auditing platform built in sync with a Power meter, this platform provides a dashboard for your Energy Manager to Audit the Energy Consumption in your Plant/Factory or even your House. WattsAudit is a product that comprises of both a Software and Hardware Part. It is an energy saving equipment which gives you an insight of how the energy is expensed in your Plant/Factory. WattsAudit just doesn’t give you a Gird with figures and readings on them, but has a powerful and easy to understand Interface with Graphs and Charts for better understanding of how the readings can be interpreted and how they can be compared within different timelines.

A web-enabled Application system which can monitor a plant, a nationwide business or a global enterprise through networked intelligent energy meters linked to the WattsAudit software. Meters can be selected to match to the requirements of the location being monitored. They use flexible communications methods to connect to software that retrieves, aggregates, and processes meter data, logs it and notifies operations staff of alarm conditions. It can also integrate data from normal electric meters and Solar Electric meters, plus existing building and process management systems so you can incorporate energy efficiency into your industrial management systems. It removes guesswork and helps you to discover which efficiency opportunities offer the quickest or highest payback potential.


Features of WattsAudit

The Energy Manager/Auditor will be able to:

1. View the Daily Units/KW expensed
2. View the Units/KW expensed this month
3. View Weekly, Monthly Comparison Charts
4. Take Reports by selecting a Date Range
5. View the Readings of all the meters in a single Dashboard if they have multiple meters in a single Factory
6. Set Limits, and receive Alerts if the usage go beyond a certain limit.
7. Receive Forecasts on the energy usages