WattsAudit is an Energy Monitoring Software/platform built in sync with a Power meter, this
energy management software provides a dashboard for your Energy Manager to Audit the
Energy Consumption in your Plant/Factory or even your House.

What is WattsAudit

WattsAudit is an Energy Monitoring/Management Software built in sync with a Smart Power meter, this Smart Energy Management Solution provides a dashboard for your Energy Manager to Audit the Energy Consumption in your establishment, this software can act as an Enterprise Energy Management System or an Industrial Energy Management System . This Energy Efficiency Management System is a product that comprises of both a Software and Hardware Part. It is an energy saving solution which will give you realtime data of how the energy is expensed in your Home/Plant/Factory. This SCADA Management System just doesn't give you a Gird with figures and readings on them, but has a powerful User Unterface which is designed in such a way that it is easy to understand the data shown in it with Graphs and Charts etc, So it is not necessary that you have to be a Domain expert, a normal person will be able to figure out the data represented in our application.

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The Challenge

The biggest challenge every industry faces is the Effective use of Energy, And Electrical Energy consumption is one of the largest factors affecting your profitability of your business. Maintenance costs can be difficult to reduce without upsetting the delicate balance between product quality and process reliability. Our Energy Monitoring Software/Platform acts as System that will help to reduce the energy costs, and it is easier than you may think as Wattsaudit makes it possible with its User friendly Interface.

The Solution

Wattsaudit is the solution to this Global Issue and is one of the most sought out and the best energy monitoring software developed in India. Our Energy management software provides realtime data and intelligence to help you manage energy consumption and operating expenses. As one of the leading energy management software companies in India, Wattsaudit increases energy efficiency by providing proper insights and alerts without compromising output or product quality thus has proven to be the best Energy Tracking Software in the Industry.

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WattsAudit can help any industrial enterprise, no matter what it manufactures, or how economically it is already run, to reap the benefits of improved energy efficiency, reduced production costs and increased overall productivity. We have the ideal solution for industrial companies including:
settings Manufacturing:
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Bottling
  • Packaging
group_work Batch process:
  • Brewery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
replay Continuous process:
  • Petrochemical
  • Cement
  • Oil and gas refining
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining/Smelting

About the Application

Wattsaudit is a Smart Energy Management Solution and it has the full capacity to monitor a plant, a factory or a nationwide business or a global enterprise through smart energy meters linked to it thus makes it an effective SCADA Management System. The smart meter used in the wattsaudit solution can be changed and be selected based on the requirments of the location. Our energy management software has a very flexible communications method to connect with the smart meters and will retrieve data and present it in a meaning and easy to understand fashion.

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Why WattsAudit:

This Energy Management Software is a game changer that will help your enterprise to move out from the traditional ways of energy management and will provide insights wherever and whichever device you have. Our energy management software can be accessed via Mobile Phone, Tablets and PC. And it will provide your alerts and patterns whenever the reading crosses the set threshold.

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